Quinton is a completely natural nutrition supplement and has been used for decades. It's proven to benefit health and wellbeing 

Replace lost trace elements and minerals

Intensive farming practices have depleted our soils, leaving them deficient of minerals and trace elements. Modern commercial fertilisers replace nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium primarily which makes crops grow well but unfortunately farmed produce lacks many of the trace minerals that have been leached from the soil and used up by crops many years ago.  The result is our food is not as nutritious as it should be and however much of it we eat there are some trace elements that we will never consume and replace in our body.  Processing and irradiation of food does not help the nutritious quality of our food either.

482034_10151347450474694_1512264174_n1.jpgMany of us have chronic malnutrition - not from a calorific perspective, but in regard to trace elements. Although only present in very small amounts in our body as the term trace element suggests, they are nonetheless very important to the correct function of enzymes, proteins and co-factors etc that are crucial to how our body functions.  When trace elements are depleted in our body we are more susceptible to disease, chronic deterioration and degenerative conditions.  Modern diets have been blamed for the increase of LDL cholesterol in our blood which has been found to accumulate on blood vessel walls and is considered a major factor in heart disease.  A research trial in Japan has shown that people who drank seawater alonside a high cholesterol diet had a significantly reduced rise in LDL cholesterol in the blood when compared with people who drank mineral water on the same diet. 

By taking Quinton you can replenish these nutrients and minerals and help to restore the balance which maintains a healthy body.

Prevent illness before it occurs

The introduction of antibiotics and new pharmaceuticals mean that we moved to treating disease, instead of preventing illness and maintaining health. Quinton had been eclipsed by the introduction of new drugs in the past years, however what we see now is our immunity evolving to these drugs and antibiotics which will become ineffective in treating disease in the future.  Leading health professionals agree that we should be preventing illness, not treating.  Quinton has once again become the key to fighting in-balance and establishing a healthy body and mind in order to prevent illness by helping to keep our bodies optimally healthy and ready to fight disease.

Quinton is completely natural

Simply by drinking Quinton Isotonic and/or Hypertonic according to individual lifesyle and preferences, Quinton will gently but effectively correct any deficiencies in trace elements.  With the body reserves fully replenished and  topped up we are more resistant to infection, better able to fight any pathogens and protected from the effects of subtle malnutrition that are the root cause of metabolic diseases.  Degenerative diseases may be common in elderly people but are not "normal" as frequently described. By supplementing with Quinton we have the best chance of avoiding these conditions and living a healthy life into and throughout our old age.  Quinton is 100% raw and 100% vegan.

The benefits of using Quinton

Get your body back to it’s optimum health by naturally adding, replacing and maintaining the minerals and elements you need to feel great and fight disease.  Quinton can increase energy and stamina, speed recovery, support digestion and immune function, and improve mental focus. 

Make Quinton the foundation of your health and support


“You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” 
Dr. Linus Pauling – Twice Nobel Prize Winner




“Quinton is not only safe for pregnant women and infants, it supports a foundation for health and development in children.  All three of my sons began getting straight A's in school and began excelling in sports”
Roy Dittman OMD, peri-natal coach and author of Brighton Baby