The benefits of using Quinton according to Athletes and Trainers

Internationally, Quinton has been trusted by Olympic medalists, world champion athletes, world cup sailors, collegiate athletes, young athletes and world cup soccer players.

Chuck DeBus, world class speed coach to over 177 world championship and Olympic Athletes.

“For decades it has been the secret advantacge for some of the worlds greatest athletes. Quinton delivers increased speed, strength and endurance. It is a must for athletes and exercise enthusiasts”.



Quinton Laboratories sponsors Players Association Indoor Soccer

His team consists of former players from the Division of Honor Futsal players, including national and international prestige as Javi Lorente, Daniel Ibañes, Julio G ª Mera, Jose Prieto, Cogorro, Javi Limones, David Marin or Cesar Muñoz.

The agreement will allow the team to participate in the UEFA Futsal Foundation RFEF

Quinton Laboratories signed an agreement with the Players Association Futsal. This agreement, the result of the good relationship for years between laboratories and partnership, sponsorship of the team includes ajfs, hereinafter QUINTON-Alcandora team.

The ajfs is the Players Association football. Its main objective is to protect and safeguard the rights of associated football player and legally defend the fulfillment of the contract you sign. He also advises, guides or simply supports the partner in any other aspect of their professional field.

His team consists of former players from the Division of Honor Futsal players, including national and international prestige as Javi Lorente, Daniel Ibañes, Julio G ª Mera, Jose Prieto, Cogorro, Javi Limones, David Marin or Cesar Munoz among others. Thanks to its high level recently ajfs team of Spain was proclaimed champion of the First Edition of the LNEFS (National Indoor Football League Interempresas) Fansticket beating. The final will be held on May 7 at the Pavilion Javier Lozano of Toledo.

In the coming months, the team faces a new challenge supported by sponsorship Quinton Laboratories, Futsal League 2011-12 Foundation RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation). This is an open competition that aims to encourage sports activities among the different groups in our society, regardless of social status. Its aim is to promote the values ​​inherent in the sport, and to promote and disseminate all cultural aspects related to sport.

Quinton Laboratories and Sport

Quinton Laboratories has a continuing commitment to the sport and the athletes and for the past years is sponsoring various sporting events and competitions such as the International Half Marathon Santa Pola or the Valencia Marathon among many other events. Result of this work, the laboratories were recognized as the best company Contributing Alicantino XXII Sports Gala held last January.

Quinton Laboratories is a pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated exclusively to the preparation of micro-filtered Seawater cold. This allows to maintain mineral balance practice continued during exercise, which improves performance and prevents muscle injuries. This is demonstrated by studies with athletes from various fields that yield excellent results both in competition and training.

Bob, San Diego, world-famous professional skateboarder and winner of dozens of medals at the X-Games.

This testimonial was given on March 24th, 2006 — the day after he jumped off into the Grand Canyon: "I just gotta say the last month and a half that I have been taking [Quinton Hypertonic] this stuff has been absolutely amazing. I really feel energized. I didn’t want to do this until I actually took the product for a while so I could speak from the heart.

But I just got over a pretty big deal, one of my lifelong dreams of my life was to skateboard off this cliff and it was a big project, stress, I couldn’t really eat that much, I ended up malnourished in the mountain, sweating, and doing all those things and I made sure every morning I had at least one of these. It was like having a good breakfast. It has changed my whole approach, my energy, my workout, my focus in my work… my injuries.

I can say this is the find of a lifetime. Just like this last weekend I did the jump of a lifetime and it has saved me beyond belief. I am going to keep taking it. I hope more and more people get tuned to this because this is one of those magical things that comes once in a lifetime."


Research Director: Dr. Marc François PAYA, Director of Studies at the Faculty of Medicine Paris XIII and Member of the New York Academy of Science


Demian, 31 (tennis player):

I’m a Tennis Coach for the past 5 years, playing daily my whole life. My mother told me about this because she found out about it in Brazil. My experience with Original Quinton™ is that it keeps me in that well-being feeling and totally focused.

The difference between when I take it and I don’t take it is completely different. My skin looks better and I don’t get sick when I am around other people who have colds and the flu.

And my focus in my tennis game is much, much better. Once I fell on the court and hit my right index finger, the second joint closest to the hand. It was so swollen I could not teach. I took anti-inflammatory drugs and when I finished taking them, the swelling returned immediately. So I searched out another solution. Then I got Quinton and three days later my finger was completely back to normal. Now I take either Hypertonic or Isotonic every day without fail.

Professional Surfer – Carlos Burle – World Champion Big Wave Surfer

"Quinton gives me the focus I need to stay on top" Carlos Burle

Carlos Burle spends his days drenched in seawater; but he still chooses to drink Quinton Marine Plasma from a little glass vail. He knows thta Quinton is not just seawater.


Rally QUINTON this!

From 14 to 20 October 2012 will take place in Morocco, the

in which renowned pilots participate as Marc Coma and Cyril Despres and Alexis Marichez with the pennant QUINTON . For this test, your goal is to get a place among the top 15.

Palmares of our broker:


1997 Raid de l'Amitié . First African raid with 19 years, 5000 km orienteering off  track in Morocco with Yamaha TT600

2004 Raid Maroc . Raid KTM motorcycle sport 640  Adventure Dakar replica , road book navigation.

2006 Raid Mauritanie . Raid KTM motorcycle sport 640  Adventure Dakar replica , road book navigation.

2008 Rally Dresden Breslau . 1 st amateur after the Dakar Rally, this test is particularly recognized in the world of 4x4 for their steps and navigation difficulties. Trucks, 4x4, ATV and Moto compete for 10 days of racing in the mud and fords Poles.

Finisher 39 º for a first participation.

2010 Rally Dresden Breslau . 12 º in the overall standings in the second participation. The goal of reaching the top 15 has been reached. This feat has been achieved thanks to a solid fitness (1 year muscle strengthening and VTT) and especially a flawless navigation.

2011  Rally NPO OiLybia   in Morocco, 21 º in the overall standings.



All participants in the Rally Oilybia will be presented with samples and information on the specialtiesQUINTON .

Sport Life in February 2012.

The magazine Sport Life  Life is the best sport , in number 154 of February 2012 gives us an interview Javier Melús , Masters European Champion in Canoe K-2 and Vice World K-4 and their "tricks to keep competing to high level for 50 years. " QUINTON could not miss, in this case Quinton Hypertonic so expressly recommend reading is interesting article.



Natalie Benoit - Paralympics Competitor

"In the course of my preperation for the Paralympics in London I have used Quinton Plasma daily. Personally, I recommend the use of Quinton Plasma for each person (athlete or not), eager to improve their capacity for resistance and recovery.

Liverpool Soccer Team

In September 2006, the Liverpool Soccer Team signed an agreement with Quinton Laboratories
(Spain) to incorporate Quinton Marine Plasma into their training program.


Bob Burnquist, Champion Skate-boarder


Does Quinton Marine Plasma meet doping regulations?

Yes. There are no synthetic properties to it, ss such, there is nothing in Quinton Marine Plasma that is banned or outlawed in the sporting communities.


Ryan Sheckler, Champion skate-boarder

Elthon Brand, NBA - L.A. Clippers

Nascar Racing