Quinton Hypertonic replaces vital minerals lost from the body during stress. Quinton Isotonic helps calm the nerves when people are anxious.

Anything that causes stress in the body increases our cortisol level that increases metabolism and suppresses our immune system.  Higher metabolic rates mean we use up our trace elements more quickly.  When our immune system is suppressed the balance between controlling pathogens in our body tips in the favour of the pathogens and we are more likely to find ourselves going down with whatever virus or bacteria are dominant.  Fighting the resultant illness takes even more body reserves which puts us under even more stress.  Quinton helps break the vicious cycle that keeps dragging us down and increasing our stress that is the cause of depression.

Quinton Hypertonic helps boost the body to cope with higher metabolic rates. Providing higher levels of minerals and trace elements along with the anti-oxidants found in Quinton makes up for the higher rate of loss.  Although we still experience stress, our immune system does not suffer and all aspects of our metabolism maintain their regulation and integration.  When our body is not suffering from the effects of high levels of stress we are better able to cope and address the causes of stress to try to reduce them.

Anxiety can also develop when our sympathetic nervous system that controls the "fright/flight/fight response" becomes too dominant.  Quinton Isotonic helps rebalance the sympathetic nervous system to lower the threshold of the fright/flight/fight response so that we become less anxious and less likely to become unnecessarily stressed.  We cope better with what is going on around us and feel more at ease with the world and ourselves.  Problems such as insomnia and chronic fatigue that are commonly associated with long term anxiety will also disappear.





“Although I still get stressed by people and situations, I no longer feel overwhelmed by it.  I don't spiral down and get ill and I feel less flustered and better able to deal with what life throws at me.”