In Barcelona, Spain Dr Miguel Pros maintains one of the most advance respiratory clinics in th world. At his clinic, Dr Pros has successfully been treating sinusitis, asthma, allergies, pneumonia and bronchitis using Quinton Marine Plasma for the last 25 years.

"I have been taking Quinton for close to three months. One of the most important things I saw change for me was that my energy was steady throughout the day. For years I had these energy dips and I would get these huge fatigue periods during the day. They are hardly present anymore. Also I noticed that my sleep is much deeper and I feel more relaxed inside. So I am very grateful for what Quinton has been able to do for me." James, Acupuncturist, Venice, CA

"Untill I happened upon Quinton Marine Plasma, I had never found a substance that stimulated the human tidal body the same way as an Osteopathic treatment." Harry Friedman, D.O. - Professor of Osteopathic Medicine

"My first experience with Quinton was with Hypertonic solution before flying and landing. These seemed to alleviate all symptoms of jet lag. I have tried this same protocol on four international trips with the same result. No, absolutely no symptoms of jet lag. I have also found Isotonic extremely helpful for nighttime nasal congestion, dryness that prevents normal breathing. I put the ocean water into the nostril a few drops at a time and within 5 to 10 minutes the congestion is gone. A similar result happens for heartburn after spicy foods. I have awoken in the middle of the night with stomach pain and used the Isotonic with results within 5 to 10 minutes. After using Quinton Isotonic for a few weeks, I notice my appetite was reduced significantly. I didn’t need as much food at each meal to feel full. It felt like I was getting the nutrition I needed from my diet." Harry, Osteopath, author, and lecturer, Los Altos, CA

YouTube Video: Harry Friedman Describes Quinton

"I find that my patient’s chiropractic adjustments last longer and are more profound with Quinton. I love the product myself and feel more energized when I need to be and more relaxed at the same time." Har Hari Khalsa, Chiropractor, Beverly Hills, CA

"I am a colon hydrotherapist and I’ve been using the Quinton seawater both rectally and orally with extra-ordinary results. Personally, since I started using the Quinton, no more PMS! My clients report improved digestion, reduced acidosis in their tissues, better sleep, more energy, and almost everybody that’s used it that has any kind of infection in their body – says that the infections are gone without having to use antibiotics. Quinton comes from pristine “protected” ocean marine life, and it’s the rare resource that my body’s been craving for optimal health. I didn’t realize how minerally depleted I was from the stresses of modern life, until I had absorbable, pure minerals working in my body." Talya Meldy, Colonic Hydrotherapist, Venice, CA

"Quinton is not only safe for pregnant women and infants, it supports foundational health and development in children. All 3 of my sons began getting straight A's in school and began excelling in sports." Roy Dittman, OMD, Peri-natal couch and Co-Author of Pre-natal Perception, Learning and Bonding (1992)

"For me, Quinton marine plasma is a true youth plasma. It is the elixir of life - both at a cellular level and at a macro level for the body" Marie-Jose Stelling, Ph.D., Director of the Hematological Institute of Switzerland

"I have been documenting the clinical effects of Quinton marine plasma with over 150 clients for the past 9 months an can honestly say that Quinton is one of the most foundational tools available to clinicians for restoring biological terrain." James Hopson, L.Ac

"In my 30 years of experience applying Quinton in my dental practice, i have concluded that Quinton is one of the best products available to maintain healthy teeth and gums." Nicholas Stelling, D.D.S. (switzerland) Biological Dentist