ARTICLE: Quinton Marine Plasma: The Blueprint of Life

The blueprint of life and optimal health.

Purified from a pristine oceanic plankton bloom, Quinton marine plasma is similar to the internal fluids of our body. It contains the intelligence of our optimal health.

Quinton marine plasma is a unique seawater discovered by Rene Quinton and celebrated in Europe for 110 years.

Quinton can increase energy and stamina, speed recovery, support digestion and immune function, and improve mental focus.

Quinton is not merely seawater. You cannot simply collect deep or coastal seawater to duplicate the clinical results realized by Quinton.

Quinton is cold-filtered, which means that unlike other seawater products, never heated, and never irradiated. Quinton is 100% raw and 100% vegan.

All life originated in the oceans.

We are composed of the same minerals, amino acids and elements as reside in the ocean. And our body water ratio mirrors of the Earth — more or less 70%

For as long as anyone has known, massive plankton blooms form vortexes and dynamically regulate the pH of the ocean water based upon sunlight, temperature, wind and other environmental factors.

Inside these blooms, billions of creatures live in perfect balance and produce a living plasma. It is not normal seawater. A French scientist, Rene Quinton (“keen-tone”) discovered this plasma in 1897.

Quinton harvested the plasma and found it created remarkable results. It served the French during the plagues of Europe as well as the World Wars as a replacement for blood. Today the same Original Quinton is used orally for optimal health, beauty and sports performance.

Original Quinton marine plasma is harvested at certain times under certain conditions. These are trade secrets of the Quinton family and have been for more than 100 years.

Inside the bloom’s protective environment, tiny sea creatures create Original Quinton marine plasma.

This plasma is so unique it cannot be dried and reconstituted or manufactured synthetically to have the same effect. Original Quinton is from nature’s laboratory and balances the human cell perfectly.

Calcidiscus Leptoporus

This is an example of the kind of living food consumed by the tiny sea creatures inside the plankton bloom. Doctors have used Original Quinton orally for decades in clinical environments in Europe and South America.

The result is brought to you through unique glass ampoules, the same way Rene Quinton designed it. In this form it maintains it potency to provide cellular balance.

For the first time, Original Quinton is now available for oral use in the South Africa through doctors.