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October 2013

It's official - nutritional supplementation reduces re-admission rates into hospital and significantly shortens inpatients' stay duration.  So ... take Quinton and if you need to go to hospital you'll come out more quickly (less time inside = less time to catch "hospital infections") and if you've already been to hospital you'll be less likely to have to go back. Happy days!!!

One of the banes of hospital care is the patient with a chronic problem who is readmitted within a month after initial treatment. But patients are far more likely to stay away if they start taking a nutritional supplement the moment they get home, a new study has found. 
Patients who have been treated for a heart attack are 12 per cent less likely to be readmitted if they take a supplement, while a similar rate is seen in patients with heart failure. Overall, the readmission rate drops by 8.4 per cent for any patient aged 65 or older who starts taking vitamins. 
Patients who were already taking supplements before they were admitted to hospital also do better. On average, they spend 1.65 fewer days in hospital than patients who don’t take supplements. 
These reductions are significant. They reduce the strain on hospital resources and in the US, where these things are more starkly defined in monetary terms, it saves the hospitals millions of dollars in costs and fines that are levied on those with high readmission rates. 
(Source: Proceedings of the 35th meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making, 19 October, 2013).

 August 2013

In August 2013 the World Health Organisation announced that Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) is now considered to be in the top 3 dangers to human health globally.  Microbial resistance to antibiotics is the result of a natural selection process that antibiotics have created that led to the "superbugs" we regularly hear about in the news such as MRSA. 

This is backed up by a statement from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA): "Antibiotics and similar drugs, together called antimicrobial agents, have been used for the last 70 years to treat patients who have infectious diseases. Since the 1940s, these drugs have greatly reduced illness and death from infectious diseases. Antibiotic use has been beneficial and, when prescribed and taken correctly, their value in patient care is enormous. However, these drugs have been used so widely and for so long that the infectious organisms the antibiotics are designed to kill have adapted to them, making the drugs less effective. People infected with antimicrobial-resistant organisms are more likely to have longer, more expensive hospital stays, and may be more likely to die as a result of the infection.

Each year in the United States, at least 2 million people become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and at least 23,000 people die each year as a direct result of these infections. Many more people die from other conditions that were complicated by an antibiotic-resistant infection." 

8 August 2013 -- The video "The dangers of hubris on human health - the rapid emergence of antimicrobial drug resistance" is about the global heath security emergency that is arising due to emergence of micro-organisms that are no longer treatable because of their resistance to virtually all available antimicrobial treatment options. The interview of Dr Keiji Fukuda, WHO Assistant Director-General, was produced in relation to the release of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2013, in which one of the case studies addressed antimicrobial resistance as a global risk.

Whilst a global strategy is needed, basing it on producing new antibiotics alone is doomed to produce ever more virulent and resistant microbes.  Problems are never solved by continuing down the same road that created them in the first place.  Here at Quinton Health we believe that if everybody takes Quinton daily and uses the Nasal Sprays then our collective immunity would vastly increase and we would be considerably better able to resist the superbugs.

NICE (France), FEBRUARY 13, 2013

Dr Guez Bernard exposed the “ Technique for Percutaneous Therapy hydrotomy” followed the culmination of Professor Maurice Aubert, Neurosurgeon. President of the Universidad del Mar, who is in his 90 years made an outstanding speech of “Jobs Preliminary marine derived antibiotic”


VI International Congress of Natural Therapies

5, 6 and 7 October 2012 .

Juan José Alberola presented several studies on the action of Seawater in diseases such asdiabetes mellitus type 2, obesity, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis . They demonstrate how the Seawater can join therapeutics of these diseases and improve results without side effects.Moreover, in these studies is seen as the action of Seawater manifests at multiple levels even to act on nuclear receptors linked to gene expression .

These studies open the door to explain that many of the results obtained by René Quinton andJean Jarricot (including those linked to epigenetics), are far from coincidental that are the result of deep action exerted by the Seawater on cell and tissue metabolism .


According to a recent study, Seawater helps in the treatment of female infertility

The results show its effectiveness as an adjunct in the treatment of women with fertility disorders

Madrid, March 6, 2012 . Include Quinton Seawater in female infertility treatment may contribute to a significant reduction in treatment times, achieving pregnancy in a shorter period, with a consequent saving of physical and psychological suffering for women. Data obtained from the Study of the effectiveness of Quinton Seawater, as an adjunct in the treatment of infertility " *, prepared by independent physicians in collaboration with Quinton Laboratories.

Infertility is a problem that is increasingly becoming more important in developed societies because, every day more, people who suffer from it, and may even become a medico-social problem of the first magnitude. It is estimated that in industrialized countries, approximately 16% of couples may struggle to gestate. Consequently, they have increased the number of resources and care centers for people with this problem.

Study of the effectiveness of Quinton Seawater, as an adjunct in the treatment of infertility

The study, conducted from November 2006 until June 2011, looked at 40 women aged 30 to 41 years who had fertility problems. They were divided into four experimental groups, being treated with assisted reproductive therapies, Chinese medicine techniques and Seawater intake Quinton groups combined.

After analyzing the results, the main conclusion was that the use Seawater in combination therapy is effective in achieving pregnancies in women with fertility disorders. Furthermore, ingestion of Quinton Seawater significantly reduced processing times, being both Quinton Isotonic as Quinton Hypertonic equally effective in reducing the treatment periods.

To understand these positive results, you have to analyze what are the therapeutic properties of Sea Water These are known from the very dawn of civilization, but recent studies in Asia and Europe have proven its properties in disorders such as dermatitis and other skin diseases, blood pressure disorders, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis, among others. Its action is due to the contribution of an important mineral and bioenergetic influences of biological, environmental themselves where appropriate.

According to Juan Alberola, Pharmaceutical Laboratory Manager Quinton : " The Seawater contains every mineral needed for the proper functioning and regeneration of our cells, and by ion bioavailability of its elements, get up any mineral deficiency. "

* Study of the effectiveness of Quinton Seawater, as an adjunct in the treatment of infertility.

Dr. Silvio E. Veitía Mora (Ph.D)

M. Sc Alfredo Tito Santana. Former Head of the Department of Medicine, Medical University of Villa Clara, Cuba. Researcher and Professor. Professor of Medical Biostatistics, Medical University of Villa Clara, Cuba.


The Sea Water, an alternative in the treatment of obesity and diabetes

This is demonstrated by the results of a study by the Department of Biotechnology of the University of Daegu (South Korea)

In the recent study, " Anti-obesity and antidiabetic Effects of Deep Sea Water on ob / ob Mice , "published in the journal Marine Biotechnology by the Department of Biotechnology of the University of Daegu (South Korea) shows a potent Seawater on obesity and diabetes mellitus in mice.

This study lays the foundation for the incorporation of marine therapy in the armamentarium for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus, obesity and multiple processes linked to them. Explains Juan Alberola , Chief Pharmaceutical Laboratories Quinton : "The results suggest an anti-diabetic and anti-obesity activity of Seawater linked to the modulation of expression of specific molecules linked to diabetes and obesity. " In this sense, adds " Sea water as a dietary supplement and trace elements provides bioinorganic , balanced and appropriate dose, essential for proper cellular nutrition and the development of an optimal metabolism. "

Therapy Marina Hospital de Sagunto.

El Dr. Jose Miguel Sempere , Immunology specialist and professor at the University of Alicante in the Department of Biotechnology, opened the session with his presentation " Study In Vivo and In Vitro to evaluate Immunological Activity of Solutions Quinton ", demonstrating the important role that Quinton specialties can make in treating many different and varied pathologies. 
After a short pause, speaking on Dr. Francisco Pedro García López , Head of Advanced Pediatrics and Head of Pediatric Allergy Unit USP Hospital San Jaime in Torrevieja, who developed the "Benefits of Seawater Nasal Physiology Quinton on "based on its extensive experience with more than 10 years of Quinton specialty treatments. Dr. Garcia Lopez commented that through the use of Quinton "I have been able to drastically reduce the use of vasodilators and steroids , reducing treatment side effects, which is essential to keep in mind when working with children " 
At the end of these two sessions there was a lively debate between the two speakers and the audience, thus clarifying any doubts that remained. 
Quinton Laboratories continue with specific training for health professionals on the broad benefits it can bring the Marine Therapy Quinton .

Laboratories sponsors Quinton Players Association Indoor Soccer

His team consists of former players from the Division of Honor Futsal players, including national and international prestige as Javi Lorente, Daniel Ibañes, Julio G ª Mera, Jose Prieto, Cogorro, Javi Limones, David Marin or Cesar Muñoz.

The agreement will allow the team to participate in the UEFA Futsal Foundation RFEF

Quinton Laboratories signed an agreement with the Players Association Futsal. This agreement, the result of the good relationship for years between laboratories and partnership, sponsorship of the team includes ajfs, hereinafter QUINTON-Alcandora team.

The ajfs is the Players Association football. Its main objective is to protect and safeguard the rights of associated football player and legally defend the fulfillment of the contract you sign. He also advises, guides or simply supports the partner in any other aspect of their professional field.

His team consists of former players from the Division of Honor Futsal players, including national and international prestige as Javi Lorente, Daniel Ibañes, Julio G ª Mera, Jose Prieto, Cogorro, Javi Limones, David Marin or Cesar Munoz among others. Thanks to its high level recently ajfs team of Spain was proclaimed champion of the First Edition of the LNEFS (National Indoor Football League Interempresas) Fansticket beating. The final will be held on May 7 at the Pavilion Javier Lozano of Toledo.

In the coming months, the team faces a new challenge supported by sponsorship Quinton Laboratories, Futsal League 2011-12 Foundation RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation). This is an open competition that aims to encourage sports activities among the different groups in our society, regardless of social status. Its aim is to promote the values ​​inherent in the sport, and to promote and disseminate all cultural aspects related to sport.

Quinton Laboratories and Sport

Quinton Laboratories has a continuing commitment to the sport and the athletes and for the past years is sponsoring various sporting events and competitions such as the International Half Marathon Santa Pola or the Valencia Marathon among many other events. Result of this work, the laboratories were recognized as the best company Contributing Alicantino XXII Sports Gala held last January.

Quinton Laboratories is a pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated exclusively to the preparation of micro-filtered Seawater cold. This allows to maintain mineral balance practice continued during exercise, which improves performance and prevents muscle injuries. This is demonstrated by studies with athletes from various fields that yield excellent results both in competition and training.

Seminar training in Bordeaux

On June 11 Quinton Laboratories imparted a new training seminar aimed at health professionals, this time the city chosen was Bordeaux. In a pleasant environment with the presence of almost 50 people Dr. Marco Francisco Paya, Medical Director of Laboratories Quinton, opened the session with his lecture "INTRODUCTION TO QUINTON THERAPY QUALITY PROTOCOL" which showed all the latest developments and technologies that have adopted Laboratories to offer a quality product. He then presented his paper "SEA WATER TREATMENT CENTER OF MANY DISEASES: THE EXAMPLE OF OSTEOPOROSIS AND DISEASES OF THE THYROID" which caused great interest from attendees. 
Upon Dr. Paya take your word Dr . José Miguel Sempere, a specialist in immunology, who presented the latest results of "IN VITRO STUDY TO EVALUATE THE IMMUNE ACTIVITY OF SOLUTIONS hypertonic ISOTONIC E QUINTON" very dramatic results coming to demonstrate the ability to activate Quinton solutions the immune system. 
After the morning sessions and afternoon, took the floor to Dr. Bernard Guez, chairman of the International Association of Percutaneous hydrotomy who presented his paper "GENERAL APPEARANCE OF PERCUTANEOUS HIDORTOMÍA" making a clear statement of the therapeutic benefits it can bring this technique, after which step finally to a lively session of questions from the audience that lasted almost an hour. 
With this seminar cycle ends conferences held in France in recent months, making a brief hiatus until after the summer, so is already planning a new seminar in Paris on September 17 and November 1 in the south of the country, please visit our calendar for more information.

The Malaysian press highlights the last presence of QUINTON

The Malaysian press highlights the last presence of QUINTON (KINGTON) with featured articles.Francisco Javier Coll and Manuel Ballester during one. 


From Thursday September 29 to Monday October 3, 2011, took place in Paris, Porte Champerret, the Twenty-third Hall ZEN ( Welfare and Personal Development ), which gathered about ten thousand people. Genoveva COLL , representing Quinton Laboratories , met with Marie-Claude STOPHEand Valérie DOGNA Source-Claire distributor, to help meet the sympathetic partner innumerable questions put to them naturopathic physicians, acupuncturists, naturopaths and therapists on Marine Therapy . Conferences successful we hope to repeat in upcoming events.

Pharmacy March 1, 2012

  On March 1 the journal [im] Pharmacies ,  specialized in the field of Pharmacy , intervention includes Professor Maurice Aubert , University of Nice   (France), on Study Day on Monday February 20 last organized by Quinton Laboratories Seawater on " The Power antibiotic seawater , explained Professor, remains unexplained. "  

  We particularly recommend reading this review.


Malaysia, Epigenetics, March 2012

Intervention remarkable in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Francisco Javier Sánchez Coll onepigenetics and the role of QUINTON , followed by Dr. Manuel Antonio Ballester Herrero in clinical practice relevant to the relevant support of the press.


Laboratories Quinton humanitarian association collaborates with the Himalayan Healing Center, Kathmandu (Boudha neighborhood), Nepal, sending free drinkable isotonic Quinton

Doctors Marta López and Luis Rodriguez Mori Antich, have been working for a month at a clinic: Himalaya Healing Center in Kathmandu (Nepal). We treat several children and adults, with good results. In this photo we see Raju Lama who came to the clinic with symptoms of malnutrition, 
its evolution was spectacular, in just five days taking Quinton Isotonic.

Discovery DSalud
Reports - Issue 30 / July - August 2001


The purified seawater taken from great depths-christened Quinton Plasma in honor of those who made this discovery-help to cure or improve the symptoms of diseases as disparate as skin conditions, including psoriasis-, malnutrition, asthma, prostate problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, bronchitis, gingivitis, gastrointestinal problems, the imbalance of the central nervous and immune systems, obesity, fatigue, sinusitis, anorexia and stress, among other ailments. However, in Spain today is only licensed for use as a dietary supplement, therefore, not injections, despite that for decades have contrasted the therapeutic properties of this plasma, even in cases of life-threatening diseases.

Although knowledge of the healing properties of seawater back many centuries in the history of human knowledge was not until the early twentieth when seawater was implemented subcutaneously as a therapeutic alternative to treat and cure until allegedly threatening diseases. Ensures that treatment aimed at her for Renй Quinton , French philosopher and passionate advocate for the therapeutic application of sea water at the time allowed the healing of patients with cholera, tuberculosis and malnutrition.
Quinton's ideas were born as a result of the physiological similarity found between the seawater and the blood plasma of mammals-including therefore humans-and that led him to conclude that it might be possible to cure diseases by simply replacing the patient's blood plasma plasma-water marine sea-properly treated. And the fact is that the eccentricity of its postulates and its revolutionary healing technique made him a very popular man at the beginning of the last century, as is clear from the Spanish doctor Montserrat Palacin in a book being prepared, part of which has get-fact, which speaks extensively about it.
's finding would be based on your own personal experience. In 1897, suffering from tuberculosis, Quinton Jesuit consulted a friend who told him a text of Plato where the Greek philosopher tells how Egyptian priests treated him favorably with a "cure marina" which consisted of being in contact with the sea and drink pretreated waters. Determined to prove, Quinton heal in a short time of his lung problem, which would lead to the conclusion that marine plasma had to have healing properties in living organisms. But his ideas-as usually happens to the proponent of an alternative way of thinking, he immediately faced the scientific community of the time. Quinton, after studying the issue in depth, also came to the conclusion that species do not adapt to the external environment due to the accident but, on a voluntary and conscious, tend to keep their conditions of origin, internal cell medium original that all plants and animals is similar to the marine environment. This similarity is explained by a simple fact: all species on Earth come from the sea and their body fluids are "sea water". For Quinton was obvious, therefore, that marine plasma necessarily influence all living processes of the Earth because somehow part of everyone from the sap of the plants to the bloodstreams of all species.


In 1904 Quinton publish the results of his observations in a book entitled The sea water: organic medium which contains the laws, which he called General Laws of constancy - in which bases its marine therapy and in which he states: "The seawater introduced into the human body, plays a useful role in all cases where the internal environment is vitiated by any cause. "
That is, Quinton regarded the disease as a defect of the internal environment so that if cleaned with sea water, is cured. Translated so this idea a first therapy in diseased dogs prove those subtracted an important part of blood volume by substituting sea water mixed with demineralized water and brought to an isotonic concentration (9 grams of salt per liter, the same concentration Sea salts containing the blood plasma of mammals). And soon observed that dogs survived perfectly and, even, in a few hours increased their vitality.
Shortly after he began to deal with marine plasma (see accompanying box on how and where) all kinds of diseases in humans. Then opened hospitals (first in 1907)-or, as he called them, dispensaries marine- to which-as explained by Dr. Palacin-came every day children and adults dying with fatal diseases such as tuberculosis. All were injected sea water with the same concentration of sea salts containing human blood plasma, being quick improvement. Many even completely healed from their ailments. "Truth is that Quinton did nothing new -we explain on their part Laureano Dominguez , Colombian journalist who spent 25 years studying the legacy of Quinton and now defends the need to reopen the clinics marine. recovered just something that was lost, concatenated ideas, directed, wrote the laws, demonstrated and quietly set about curing " . Anyway, little by little they were establishing centers for the implementation of its methods in places as diverse as Egypt, Belgium, England and the United States and this marine therapy lived an authentic splendor in the first two decades of the twentieth century. Right up until the death of Quinton, in 1925 - and other neat to explain events made this form of cure was slowly falling into oblivion, as we explain Dr. Palacin: "Quinton therapy was set aside by GPs successive generations because the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry shifted his interest towards new 'specific' fashionable. And this method so simple, well proven and without side effects was set aside by negligence " . The emergence of penicillin and chaos caused by the two world wars did the rest.


It was however in 1943 when, during the Second World War, Quinton Plasma Laboratory was presented at the National Drug Control France and registered as drinkable medication, injectable and topical-ie external-a concentration 9 grams of sea salt per liter. Thirty years later would give the ANN (the equivalent of the Spanish Health Registry) to a product called Quinton Duplase , with a concentration of 21 grams of sea salt per liter of water and a year later the plasma itself which had long being used. But behold, in 1982 both products lose the ANN unable to accommodate the manufacturing laboratory to the new standards required by the European Community. Thus were produced historical declines a second marine cure devised by Renй Quinton would not be re-enrolled-in hypertonic formula (concentration of 30/1000) - in French Specialties Dictionary until 1994 and only as a dietary supplement and beverage product eating food intended for especial.Es ie not authorized subcutaneous use and lost their status as medicine .


Despite all these avatars, in many countries still currently using the Plasma of Quinton in the same way they used the French scientist. Its many therapeutic uses are based on its capacity-proven-to renew, purify and regenerate inside the body fluid and to maintain the balance of life. According to proponents of this therapy, Quinton Plasma is one of the best regenerative cellular mechanisms. In the United States is being used to correct prostate problems, psoriasis, burns, alopecia, arthritis, osteoporosis, bronchitis, asthma, gingivitis, gastrointestinal or central nervous system imbalances, among other diseases. It has even been proven to effectively treat cases of drug, alcohol and hemophilia. And is also specifically recommended for skin problems, immune system depression, infections, acute or chronic fatigue, bone disorders in adults, children growing pains, pregnancy and lactation, repeated spontaneous abortions, as normalizing stress and nutritional deficiencies .
In Spain some centers also recommend complementary medicine in cases of obesity, fatigue states, sinusitis and even anorexia or malnutrition.
And unique is that , although this therapy has demonstrated a capacity to cure deadly diseases and in the last century, both in Spain and in the European Union is not currently allows its use rather than as a dietary supplement and " marketing is only allowed in the form of ampoules or sprays " , as we say Juan Miguel Coll , Director of Laboratoires Quinton , a company that sells these products in our country.
Paradoxically limit today use both though, fortunately, it seems that once again are being reviewed right now Quinton centennial theories. Even were created for study and research centers in order to provide updated data on the properties of plasma that bears his name. In this sense, the University of Barcelona and Matarу Veterinary Hospital spent several months experimenting on animals utility and healing ability of Quinton Plasma. His work is a possibility of rescuing from oblivion the contributions of a man who firmly believed that the sea-from which all proceed-cure. The success of these investigations could put our best therapy again cheap, simple and whose raw material-sea-water belongs to everyone and could benefit to ordinary humans. And besides, why not think that if the sea life wine he can come in the form of cure those who are alive?

Quinton Plasma help millions of malnourished children

"The Quinton Plasma is the bottle that require six million children, according to WHO, die each year." This forceful expressed Laureano Dominguez , Colombian journalist and writer has become, after 25 years of research in a passionate advocate of Thalassotherapy studies French scientist Renй Quinton and applicability in human plasma with healing sea that now bears his name and which he defines as "specializing in traditional Thalassotherapy physiology."
Dominguez tries to recapture Quinton torch and has embarked on the task of making known his work "with the sole purpose of creating awareness among those who can drive the creation of marine clinics in areas of high infant mortality, not only to save lives but to serve observation as chairs of medical science. " But his enthusiasm goes beyond the experimental confirmation of the healing properties of plasma: "It is desirable that it can become an affordable option for disadvantaged social groups who can not access the Traditional pharmacology ". Looking for it to convince scientists need to rescue from oblivion Quinton contributions. In this regard, a partial victory is the fact that at the Veterinary Hospital of Matarу (Barcelona) and the University of Barcelona is being carried out experiments with Quinton Plasma. After 18 months of work, a team of scientists from both institutions got the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee approved the protocols currently are allowing them to experience the Quinton Marine therapy in animal models of irreversible disease.
Laureano Dominguez holds even possible human blood plasma substitute plasma as marine sea water has the same nutrients as the blood plasma. "Seawater -says- has 30 grams of sea salt per liter while blood contains about 9. For this reason, if the sea water will be cut perfectly as blood plasma. Sea water is a serum, besides replacing liquid feeds. Could prevent the deaths of many people but unfortunately the drug multinationals do not agree that a remedy is disclosed as easy, accessible and cheap . " He concludes: " I hope we can create unrest among young researchers to repeat the experiences of Quinton ".

Quinton Plasma uses

The Quinton Plasma is used to treat diseases or conditions as diverse as:

Prostate-Problems, Psoriasis and other diseases gastrointestinal. , central nervous system imbalances. , Hemophilia. -Obesity. , Sinusitis. , Anorexia and bulimia. , immune system depression. , acute or chronic fatigue. , bone disorders. , Dolores growth in children. -Stress. 

Also used in pregnancy and lactation, in cases of repeated spontaneous abortions or to normalize nutritional deficiencies.

Indications for oral use 

The Quinton Plasma is not classified as a drug but as a "nutritional supplement invigorating and strengthening the role of the organism." In Spain is marketed under the name of Quinton Hypertonic (30 grams of sea salt per liter) in the form of ampoules to be always be taken on an empty stomach 20 to 30 minutes before meals or at least half an hour after the same. You can drink as is or diluted with water, milk or juice. Its subcutaneous still not accepted at the risk of necrosis are underway although experimental studies in animals being tested parenteral application. No incompatibilities have been reported no side effects but is not recommended for people with high blood pressure or kidney disease or heart.

Therapy Basics Quinton Marine 

Quinton observed a day a lethargic from the cold snake recovered its activity to be moved to a warm room and thought that "nature does not make living beings to sleep" and it was not logical that these cold-blooded animals had to pass much of the year hibernating. Deduced so life must have originated in constant temperature conditions ideal for the proper functioning of cells and, as the planet cooled, there was decline of species-like reptiles, they found a system to create heat arose internally while others (mammals and birds) to put in place a system of thermogenesis to maintain these ideal conditions of origin. From there managed to elucidate which is the internal temperature of each species that determines the exact date of his appearance in the series zoological and enunciated well, its the Evidence Act Thermal : "Facing the cooling of the globe, life appeared in cell state at a given temperature tends to keep to its high cell operation, the temperature of origin. "
For Quinton, the desire to maintain the original conditions, the constancy of the internal environment, necessary for maximum cell yield is what makes living beings evolve. Thermometer in hand, species by species, tested his hypothesis: the more evolved species tend to maintain the original optimum. And it's not just the man to be more evolved in this respect but the birds, whose temperature is higher than ours.
The next question raised was what other features were at the origin in addition to temperature. Then went to look at the composition of the internal environment of living things-ie, extracellular fluid that bathes the set of cells and tissues, and concluded that life began in the water, when the planet was entirely covered by the oceans. Therefore, the internal environment is seawater vertebrate: their cells swim in sea water. From this course, revolutionary for the time, enunciated the Law of Constancy Marina : "The animal life, appeared in cell state in the seas, tends to maintain, through the zoological series and for high cell function, the marine environment of origin. "
showed that species also have a range of salt concentrations staggered according to time of occurrence. This is the basis of the Evidence Act Osmotic : "Animal life, appeared in cell state in seas of certain salt concentration, tends to keep to its high cell function through the zoological series, the concentration of the origins. "
Last of its laws is the Proof General , which states: "Against all order changes that can occur in the course of animal life were published in certain physical and chemical conditions, it tends to maintain, to cell function, the conditions of their origins through the zoological series. "

How do you get the Plasma of Quinton? 

The sea water is still mined today the same point made in his day Quinton, 30 meters from the surface and 10 meters from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean as this is the area of solar penetration and it is of exceptional water purity . Once collected is transported to the laboratory maintained at a temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. Before cold sterilized packaging so that it retains its therapeutic properties and is passed through a microfilter with 0.22 micron holes. With this operation, which lasts less than 48 hours, this yields an hypertonic sea water of about 30 grams of total salts per liter which is marketed as a spray or drinkable ampoule.




PEDIATRA magazine recently published

"By Rehydrating the body and on the other restores the health of the cell with Quinton"


Epigenetism and Quinton

The Web magazine published that on the 7th of May 2012 in Barcelona a Seminar was held for Autistic children.