Quinton Hypertonic Ampoules. Enhance sporting performance, increase mental focus and boost your immune system

Quinton Hypertonic is pure Quinton marine plasma that is three times the mineral concentration of your blood.  Each box contains 30 x 10ml ampoules.

Hypertonic is the ideal support before, during and after any type of physical, mental or emotional stress.  It provides a more rapid re-mineralisation that people find very energising.  Quinton Hypertonic is therefore great to enhance sports performance, increase mental focus and alertness for better business decisions, and boost your immune system when you feel you are about to go down with a virus or other infection.  It has proven very helpful to people who suffer with depression or active infections both new and chronic.

Although Quinton Hypertonic is a good way to boost yourself, users frequently find that using both Hypertonic and Isotonic forms of Quinton according to what sort of day you have ahead and how you feel is the best way to maintain your optimum overall health.  After a while you'll instinctively know which one your body needs today!

If taken to boost energy levels, Quinton Hypertonic is best consumed during the morning as some people have reported problems with sleeping if taken too late in the day!




"I used to regularly get severe and excruciating cramp in my calf and shin in the middle of the night that could last up to 30 minutes at a time. It was agony.  After using Quinton regularly, my cramps are far less frequent and an ampoule of Hypertonic Quinton will stop any cramp and pain within a couple of minutes of taking it.  I can't recommend it highly enough"


Quinton Cleans the Blood

The following live blood pictures were taken from the same client a month apart having taken 1 x 10ml Quinton Isotonic ampoule daily. 

In the first picture the RBCs are stuck together in rouleaux - stacks of red blood cells that are non-specific indicators of the presence of disease. 


Rouleaux are typically found in patients with infections, multiple myeloma, inflammation and cancers.  It also occurs in diabetes mellitus and is one of the causative factors for microvascular occlusion in diabetic retinopathy.

The following live blood picture was taken 1 month later from the same client.